Proper and improper diet for donors

Recommended diet 24 hours before giving plasma

– bread and other bakery products; both white and whole grain
– marmalade, honey
– low-fat dairy products (up to 1.5%) – yogurt, low-fat cheese, cottage cheese, buttermilk
– lean ham
– lean meat – veal, beef, pork, rabbit, game, turkey, skinless chicken
– non-fried fish fillet
– egg whites
– soup – non-fat meat broth, vegetables and legumes (no roux)
– legumes – peas, beans, lentils – potatoes, pasta, rice, dumplings
– fruits and vegetables – all kinds – raw, boiled, stewed
– fruit dumplings without butter – oatmeal, muesli bars without frosting
– drinks – non-carbonated pure water, mineral water, juice

Please note:

Prior to donating:

– drink plenty of fluids within 24 hours before donating, mainly non-carbonated pure water
– don’t come to give plasma on an empty stomach; have a healthy breakfast
– don’t consume any fat in the morning – don’t overeat
– prepare food properly – boil, stew, bake, grill without fat
– use vegetable fat sparingly
– eat seedless whole-grain baked goods (seeds contain fat)
– don’t smoke prior to giving plasma

After donating:
– physical rest for 48 hours
– drink plenty of fluids, especially non-carbonated pure water
– leave the bandage on the needle puncture for 12 hours (to avoid any infection)
Improper diet 24 hours before giving plasma

– animal fats – butter, lard, mayonnaise, whipped cream, cream
– mayonnaise salad
– high-fat dairy products
– milk and yogurt containing more than 1.5% fat, kefir, sour cream – cheese (gouda, emmental, etc.)
– fatty meat – fatty pork, bacon, lamb, mutton, goose, duck, offal (liver, kidneys)
– ground meat (meatloaf, burgers)
– salmon, tuna, mackerel, eel, sardines, caviar, pickled herring, smoked fish
– smoked meat –salami, bacon, klobasa, sausage (not even diet!)
– white pudding, black pudding, head cheese, pork crackling
– pate, brain, tongue
– egg yolk
– soy
– thick soups with roux or cream, packaged instant soups
– sauces with roux or cream
– fried foods – schnitzel, fish, fried cheese, french fries, croquettes, doughnuts, fried vegetables
– nuts, peanuts, seeds, pistachios, cashews, potato chips – fatty pastries
– pies, cakes, turnovers, strudel – croissants, cookies, waffles, buttery and yolk creams
– nutella, chocolate, coconut, poppyseed
– ice cream
– alcohol, coffee

Please note:

– vegetable fats and oils as well as salt water fish are beneficial for diets because they contain omega-3 fatty acids however, they are to be avoided before giving blood plasma
– don’t take omega-3 fatty acid tablets
– avoid excessive physical strain

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