Competition Conditions

Five Hundred for a Buddy

I. Preamble
1.1 The purpose of these Referral Scheme General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “Scheme Terms and Conditions”) is to set out binding rules under which referral schemes organized by the Promoter will be conducted.

II. Promoter
2.1 The Promoter is PLASMA PLACE s.r.o., with its registered office at Kloknerova 1245/1, PRAGUE 11, 148 00, Business ID: 05323673, File Ref. C 261866, registered in the Commercial Register kept by the Municipal Court in Prague.

III. Donor
3.1 A person who is registered with the Promoter as a blood plasma donor.

IV. Referred Donor
4.1 A person who knows a Donor personally or is related to the Donor and is aware that the Donor is referring them for donation.

V. Donor Referral
5.1 A Donor referral means providing basic personal information to the Promoter.

VI. General Rules
6.1 The referral scheme is open to all Donors who agree to these Scheme Terms and Conditions and the General Terms and Conditions, excluding employees of the Promoter and their family members.
6.2 The Promotion is only open to individuals over the age of 18.
6.3 The Promoter may unilaterally change the scheme rules during the scheme as well as shorten, postpone, suspend or completely cancel the scheme without compensation. A full, up-to-date version of these rules will always be available under the Scheme Rules link at
6.4 Neither participation in the scheme nor the reward can be enforced by legal action.
6.5 This scheme is not sponsored, administrated by or otherwise associated with Facebook. You are sending your information to the entity organizing the scheme, i.e. the Promoter and not Facebook. The information you submit will only be used for the purposes of the scheme as set out in the Scheme Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

VII. Scheme Rules
7.1 The scheme is valid from 1 February 2022 and applies to referrals sent after that date.
7.2 A Plasma Place Donor is entitled to a cash reward of CZK 500 for each Donor referred by them, provided that the Referred Donor completes at least 3 successful blood plasma donations at any one (or more) Plasma Place sites.
7.3 You can refer a Donor using the Plasma Place app, at the reception of any Plasma Place site or by calling 226 289 070.
7.4 By referral we mean providing the personal details of the Referred Donor. This includes first name, family name, telephone number, email, and their address. For a referral to be valid, it is sufficient to provide the first name, family name and one of the contact details.
7.5 The reward will only be paid to the Donor once the Referred Donor has successfully completed 3 donations.
7.6 The Referred Donor must personally know or be related to the referring Donor.
7.7 The Referred Donor must be aware that the Donor has referred them to Plasma Place for blood plasma donation and must consent to this action.
7.8 Establishing a business activity in one’s own name or in the name of Plasma Place is not allowed, and such conduct would constitute a breach of the conditions for payment of financial reward. (Actually, such conduct, i.e. creating business activity for the purpose of obtaining financial rewards, would be considered as intentional fraudulent conduct.) These include referring strangers and feigning personal connections, creating your own advertising materials and/or using Plasma Place’s advertising materials.
7.9 As a pre-condition to receiving the reward, you must consent to have photographs taken of you and to having such photographs posted on the Promoter’s social media and website.

VIII. Privacy Policy
8.1 Information about customers is stored in accordance with the applicable laws of the Czech Republic, in particular the Personal Data Protection Act No. 101/2000 Coll., as amended. PLASMA PLACE, s.r.o. uses all data obtained from customers exclusively for internal business purposes and does not provide such information to any third parties. Without the express consent of customers, PLASMA PLACE, s.r.o. handles their personal data only and exclusively to the extent permitted by the Personal Data Protection Act, in particular in Section 5(2)(b) and Section 5(6).

8.2 The complete Privacy Policy is available at

IX. Final Provisions
9.1 These Scheme Terms and Conditions have been prepared in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations of the Czech Republic.

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I. Initial Provisions
1.1 The subject of these general competition terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as “Competition conditions”) is to determine binding rules on the basis of which the competitions held by the Organizer shall be launched.

II. Organizer
2.1 The competition is organized by Plasma place s.r.o., with a registered office at Kloknerova 1245/1, PRAGUE 11, 148 00, company ID No. 05323673, File ref. No. C 261866, administered by the Metropolitan Court in Prague.

III. Contestants
3.1 A contestant is a person duly registered with the Organizer in accordance with the General business terms and conditions.

IV. Donor
4.1 A person registered with the Organizer as a blood plasma donor.

V. Winner
5.1 Competition winner is the donor who met the conditions of the given competition and was drawn by lot by the Organizer.

VI. General Rules
6.1 All donors who agree with these Competition conditions and the General business terms and conditions may take part in this
competition, except for employees of the Organizer and their family members.
6.2 Only a natural person older than 18 years of age may participate in the competition.
6.3 The Organizer of the competition is entitled to modify the competition rules at any time of its duration unilaterally without any remedy, to abridge the competition, to postpone it, interrupt it, or cancel it completely. Full updated wording of the rules shall always be available on the link Competition rules, which will be placed on the following website:
6.4 It is impossible to enforce the participation in the competition or the prizes legally, or to perform alternatively in money. The competition Organizer reserves the right to replace the declared prize with another similar prize.
6.5 This competition is not sponsored by, administered by or otherwise associated with Facebook. You send your information to the competition Organizer, not to Facebook. The submitted information will only be used for the purposes of the competition in terms of the competition conditions and privacy protection.

VII. Competition Rules
7.1 The competition shall be held in the period from 1 Feb 2022 to 30 Apr 2022.
7.2 A financial compensation of CZK 700 per each taking of plasma has been set pursuant to Section 32, Subsection 2 of Act 373/2011 Sb.
7.3 Each donor with at least three successful plasma takings at any branch of Plasma Place during the competition shall automatically receive a package of D vitamins.
7.4 After each successful plasma taking, the donor shall receive a competition card at the reception of any branch of Plasma Place, which s/he shall fill in and cast in a box situated at the reception.
7.5 Once the competition is closed, the Organizer shall draw lots from the filled in competition cards at each branch to get one card, the owner of which shall be the Winner.
7.6 Each Winner shall get a voucher in the value of CZK 10,000 to purchase airline tickets at the web portal Letuš There will be 9 Winners in total. The overall value of the prize is CZK 90,000.
7.7 The Winner will be announced within 30 days after the termination of competition on the Organizer’s Facebook profile.
7.8 The Winners will be contacted via a telephone or e-mail, or eventually, they will be marked on Facebook.
7.9 The contestant, who became the Winner, must respond to the Organizer’s appeal within 5 working days. Otherwise, the entitlement to receive the prize ceases to exist.
7.10 The Winner can collect the prize at a branch of Plasma Place within 10 working days; if s/he fails to do so, the entitlement to receive the prize ceases to exist.
7.11 An approval with being photographed and a consent with placing the resulting photographs at the Organizer’s social networks and website is a condition for collecting the prize.

VIII. Personal Data Protection
8.1 Information about customers is stored in accordance with valid laws of the Czech Republic, especially with the Act on Personal Data Protection No. 101/2000 Sb., as amended. Plasma Place, s.r.o., uses all data acquired from customers exclusively for the company’s internal needs, and it does not provide them to third persons. Without an explicit consent of the customers, Plasma Place, s.r.o., treats their personal data exclusively within the scope permitted by the Act on Personal Data Protection, namely in Section 5, Subsection 2, Letter b), and in Section 5, Subsection 6.
8.2 For complete personal data protection conditions, visit

IX. Final Provisions
9.1 These Competition conditions have been elaborated in accordance with valid laws and other legal regulations of the Czech Republic.


The competition on the Facebook web portal is organized by Plasma place s.r.o. with a registered office at Chodov, Kloknerova 1245/1, Prague 4, postal code 148 00, company ID No.: 05323673, VAT ID No.: CZ05323673, incorporated at the Metropolitan Court in Prague, File ref. No. C 261866 (hereinafter referred to as the “Organizer”).

This competition is in no way operated, sponsored, or otherwise realized by Facebook Inc. (or persons controlling it or controlled by it), and this company therefore bears no responsibility for it. Information provided by a competition participant (i.e., any third person participating in a competition organized by the Organizer; hereinafter referred to as the “Participant”) within the framework of the competition is provided by the Participant to the Organizer exclusively. Any questions, comments, or complaints regarding the competition must be directed at the competition Organizer only.

A competition participant can only be a natural person with permanent and factual residence within the territory of the Czech Republic, whereas participating (in terms of Section 4 of these Rules) in the competition represents the Participant’s consent with (acceptance of) the rules of the competition contained in this document and his/her pledge to abide by them. Persons in labour or similar relation with the Organizer (including mandate contracts), persons controlled by it or persons controlling it, or companies participating in any way in the competition’s preparation or organisation must not participate in the competition; these persons are excluded from the competition, which means they do not become Participants.
The competition takes place exclusively within the period specified in the competition note on the given site at Facebook web portal, the publication of which by the Organizer at the Facebook web portal marks the beginning of the competition (hereinafter referred to as the “competition note”). A Participant enters the competition via a response specified (required to participate in the competition) in the competition note, generally via a response to the actual competition note.

Competition winner is the participant who meets the competition conditions specified in the competition note duly and in time (hereinafter referred to as the “Winner”), while the Organizer can only pass the prize (in terms of Section 7 of these Rules) to the Winner as of the moment when the winner personally undergoes blood plasma taking at the Organizer’s branch specified by the Organizer, unless stipulated otherwise in these Rules.
The Organizer will inform the Winner about the fact that s/he won the competition within 7 days following after the day of competition termination, specifically by means of sending a private message via the Facebook web portal, or Messenger, or via entering an Organizer’s comment to the competition note.

The Organizer may transfer ownership rights to the subject of competition specified in the competition note (hereinafter referred to as the “Prize”) upon the meeting of conditions specified in Section 5 of these Rules, unless stipulated otherwise in these Rules. The Organizer is entitled to take photographs of the Prize being handed over to the Winner by the Organizer, which the Winner agrees with explicitly, and at the same time, the Winner is obliged to get a photograph of the prize with the Winner within ten days after the Prize is handed over and to send this photograph to the Organizer’s e-mail: The Organizer is entitled to publish the photographs specified in the previous sentence at the Organizer’s profile on the Facebook web portal or at any site administered by the Organizer on the Facebook web portal.

The Winner has no legal entitlement to the handing over of the Prize; the handing over of the Prize and the determination of Winner depends entirely on the Organizer’s discretion. The Organizer has no obligations towards to Winner in connection with the Competition, unless stipulated otherwise explicitly in these Rules.

Personal data processing: By entering into (participating in) the competition (in terms of Section 4 of these Rules), the competition Participant grants his/her consent to the Organizer with the processing of his/her personal data necessary for the participation in the competition, in the following scope: name, surname, e-mail, address (winner only), photographs specified in Section 7 of these Rules (the above personal data hereinafter referred to as “Personal data”) pursuant to Act No. 101/2000 Sb., on personal data protection, as amended (hereinafter referred to as “ZOOÚ”), by the Organizer as the personal data controller. The Participant provides his/her personal data voluntarily, whereas the consent can be recalled by the Participant at any time, and the Organizer removes the particular data in reaction to this. The Organizer is entitled to process personal data by means of authorized processors under the conditions stipulated by ZOOÚ. Personal data are provided for purposes described below in these Rules (namely the publishing of the Winners, contacting the Winners, record-keeping of the Organizer).

Personal data of Participants will be included in the Organizer’s database within the framework of the competition. Personal data may be used by the Organizer for the purposes of handing over the Prize to the Winner pursuant to Act No. 480/2004 Sb., on certain information society services, as amended. The Participant provides his/her personal data to the Organizer for a period of two years following after providing the personal data to the Organizer, or until the recall of the consent with personal data provision by the Participant, if it occurs earlier.
The Participant is entitled to ask the Organizer at any time about what personal data regarding the Participant are processed by the Organizer, and about other information regarding the processing of his/her personal data within the extent given by Section 12, Subsection 2 of ZOOÚ, for a consideration not exceeding the necessary costs required to provide such information.

The Participant is entitled to ask the Organizer to correct inaccurate or untrue personal data. If a Participant finds out or believes that the Organizer processes his/her personal data in conflict with the protection of the Participant’s private and personal life, or in conflict with the law, especially if personal data are inaccurate with respect to the purpose of their processing, s/he may ask the Organizer for explanation, or request that the Organizer removes such state (this may especially concern personal data blocking, correction, or liquidation). If the Organizer fails to satisfy the Participant’s request according to the previous sentence, the Participant shall be entitled to contact The Office for Personal Data Protection. Any other eventual special rights of the Participant are dealt with in Sections 12 and 21 of ZOOÚ. The Participant hereby explicitly agrees with the competition Organizer being entitled to use the Participant’s name, surname, and place of residence free of charge in media (including the Internet) in connection with this Competition, especially in order to publish the winners.

The Organizer reserves the right to exclude from the Competition participants who violate these Rules, even when such violation is only suspected. The Organizer’s decision on excluding someone is entirely at the Organizer’s discretion and it is final.

These competition Rules shall be available on-line throughout the duration of the competition, and then for 30 days after the competition is terminated. The Organizer reserves the right to change these competition Rules at any time unilaterally, or to terminate the competition without stating a reason, whereas his decision shall take effect as of the moment of publishing such decision in the form of a note on the Facebook web portal (on the Organizer’s profile or on any site administered by him).

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